Serban Furniture Design began in 1993 when Lisa and Dan Serban became partners in a small furniture design company in New Orleans, Louisiana.

By taking the company national, the Serbans optimized the existing potential, increased sales and created name recognition. By 1995 it became evident that the New Orleans location could not accommodate the expectations of the newly developed client base and the company, under the new name of Serban Furniture Design, Inc., had to relocate. The New Orleans partners were bought out and the Serbans relocated to southern California.

This move allowed the Serbans to set up a larger factory, introduce new original designs and expand into new markets.

Today, Serban Furniture Design is represented in nine showrooms across the country. Their capabilities include any kind of custom work for residential, contract or hospitality use. The utmost attention is given to quality, which is of the highest in the industry.

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